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Finding Freedom in 2021

By Admin User / January 14, 2021

Just as a new year can be a fresh start, so too can a divorce. Finding freedom from a bad marriage can actually be the beginning of a transition to the life you want to lead, rather than the end. In the past, January was often referred to as the divorce month. Historically, the divorce…

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Barriers to Divorce #4: Financial Security

By Admin User / December 21, 2020

Concern about financial security following divorce is one of the biggest reasons many women stay in a bad marriage. The financial responsibility of maintaining a lifestyle, affording a nice home, and raising then sending kids to college can be daunting, not only for stay-at-home moms but for working women as well. Financial concerns should not…

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2019 Best Lawyers Award

By Admin User / September 17, 2019

Alexandra Geczi PLLC is thrilled to announce that Alexandra Geczi has been selected to the 2019 Best Lawyers list in Family Law Mediation! Best Lawyers uses a peer-reviewed, multi-phase selection process to identify the best lawyers in Texas and the United States. While this award is an honor, it is also recognition of our commitment to excellence…

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2019 Texas Super Lawyers Award

By Admin User / September 17, 2019

Alexandra Geczi PLLC is thrilled to announce that Alexandra Geczi has been selected to the 2019 Texas Super Lawyers list in Family Law!  Only 5% of the lawyers in the state receive this honor. Super Lawyers is an annual rating service that uses peer reviews and independent research to create a distinctive list of outstanding attorneys. This marks the…

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What to Expect During Your Dallas Divorce Process

By Admin User / June 15, 2018

A lot of the pain and heartache of the divorce process can be minimized with the right mindset. If you stay stuck in and dwell on the past, then you cannot appreciate the opportunity you have right now or plan for a brighter future. One of the best ways to get into a positive mindset…

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Child Support in Texas

By Admin User / April 10, 2018

If you are the primary caretaker of your children, then negotiating a fair child support arrangement is probably high on your list of concerns. Working with an experienced child support attorney may help your case. Fortunately, many jurisdictions, including Texas, explicitly take into account a child’s “best interests” when awarding child support. Child support is…

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10 Factors Courts May Look at When Determining Child Custody

By Admin User / January 26, 2018

Clients often ask our Dallas family law firm: “How do I prove to the court that I’m the better parent?” When dealing with child custody issues, I encourage my clients to keep in mind that the court will focus on what’s best for your children, not about which parent “wins” or “loses.” So I would…

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Relationship Insights From Divorce Attorneys: 4 Things You Need to Know

By Admin User / January 19, 2018

When it comes to love and marriage, the statistics are a bit harrowing. We’ve all heard the old warning that half of all marriages are doomed to fail. Although divorce rates have actually been decreasing in recent years, they remain significant enough to make people uneasy about committing. As a divorce attorney, Alexandra Geczi has…

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The Dangers of a DIY Divorce

By Admin User / November 10, 2017

Maybe you’ve been thinking about handling your own divorce. While this is certainly your right, is it the wisest course of action for such an important and life-changing process? These days, people are attempting to do things themselves that they used to leave to the professionals. Trying to save money and resources, they download information…

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