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Divorce & Family Law

We know that divorce can be a challenging time and the process can be difficult to understand. That’s why the team at Alexandra Geczi PLLC has written guides to help you navigate this time in your life. Receive your free copy now!

Divorce Explained

Are you wondering where to begin? Our guide “Divorce Explained” breaks it down and provides an overview of what you can expect in your divorce.
With this guide, you will get a basic overview of the divorce process in Texas, including:

  • The first steps you need to take
  • What issues you can expect to come up
  • Ways you can reach agreements
  • What to do when you can’t reach an agreement
  • How to finalize your case

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A Stay at Home Mom’s Guide to Divorce

Are you a stay-at-home mom or a homemaker worried about divorce? This ebook is made for you. “I Am SAHM, SAHM I Am: A Guide for the Homemaker Divorce” provides special insight into your situation when facing divorce.
With this guide, you will learn strategic steps you can take now to protect yourself during a divorce, including:

  • Simple ways you can become more involved in your finances
  • Information on Texas alimony laws and how to get financial support
  • Advice on how to get career guidance and pay for it
  • Ways to use prenups and marital agreements to negotiate your worth

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