Ella’s Journey




“Alexandra was compassionate and put my mind at ease. I have no regrets. Life is better.”

Ella had been through it before. She’d seen more than her fair share of life’s devastation and conflict. Not only had she been through a divorce before, but she had seen the ravages of war when she fought to defend this country’s freedom.

Ella wanted to avoid more conflict. She wanted not only a great legal team but also a team that could provide emotional support and respect the nuances of what she had been through.

Her husband presented numerous obstacles, but nothing we couldn’t handle. By coincidence, the divorce was finalized on 9/11. Rather than reflect on that day with regret and fear, Ella now honors that day with gratitude and hope. It’s a testament to Ella’s character and fortitude, and we love that we had the opportunity to nurture that part of her.

Here is what Ella had to say about working with us:

“Having been through a divorce before, I was concerned about finding a trustworthy lawyer and team for my second one. I wanted a team that would be able to hear my side and work in my best interest. I knew I wanted a female attorney, who could understand my side. Alexandra was compassionate and put my mind at ease. She understood that I had been mistreated in my marriage and by my previous attorney.

It was an emotional time for both Alexandra and myself, as during my divorce Alexandra was expecting her second child. Even though she was on maternity leave for a part of the divorce, she always made sure that I understood what was going on and what my options were. She ensured the highest quality representation and that I was treated with respect. My hat goes off to Alex for being an extraordinary litigator, mediator and family oriented person that understands the many complexities of life.

My divorce was final on 9/11. As a veteran and an American, it was already an emotional day of remembrance, but even more so now. I was finally free. I could move on with my life and start fresh without a cloud hanging over me.

I have no regrets. Life is better. I am currently pursuing my degree in Nutritional Science and Sports Nutrition. Over the years I have enjoyed reading over my final divorce decree, and I choose to look at it from a place of liberty.”

Ella is not alone, and neither are you.  We help women struggling in their marriages find the confidence they need to regain control of their lives.  Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

*The name of the client was changed to protect confidentiality.


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