Many of our clients are women breadwinners and high income earners. Professional women – like lawyers, doctors, company executives, psychologists, business owners, and financial advisors – who have achieved career success often earn more than their husbands. They also often manage the family’s finances and have a more thorough understanding of the marital estate than their spouses. They worry about custody and non-traditional gender roles, as well as paying alimony and spousal maintenance. They value efficiency and responsiveness, and they usually prefer an approach that is quick and discreet. “Time is money,” after all.

Divorce Planning for Professionals

In addition to our traditional divorce legal representation, the divorce planning services offered by Alexandra Geczi, PLLC are a great fit for career women. C-level executives regularly negotiate exit strategies from their employment relationships, and divorce is no different. A marriage relationship can be just as complex and nuanced as a C-level business relationship, with both parties often investing years of time and effort into it. Divorce planning provides clients with a certain amount of control and certainty before they file for divorce.

Child Custody

Many breadwinner moms worry about custody and visitation. They worry that choosing a career and/or having longer work hours will negatively impact their chances at having primary custody of any children involved in the divorce. Standard visitation schedules may also not be a good fit. The experienced family law team at Alexandra Geczi, PLLC will explore creative child custody and visitation arrangements with you, and we dive deeper into the options that are available for co-parenting.


Lastly, many women professionals have concerns about paying alimony to their husbands. Although you might have to pay alimony or spousal maintenance to your husband, he must meet certain criteria first. Our team of experienced divorce lawyers can work with you to minimize the exposure of paying alimony or spousal maintenance.

The team at Alexandra Geczi, PLLC can guide you in the business of divorce so that you can get back to business. Want to learn more? Contact our Dallas office today.