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It is the firm’s goal to ensure that each client will lead a happier and healthier lifestyle once their family law issue has been resolved.  We are excited that you have chosen us to help you with your family law issue.

Why do I need a Case Evaluation?

But before we begin, we will have to do a quick case evaluation.  The purpose of the evaluation is to check for conflicts of interest and other basic information to be sure we are a good fit.  For your case evaluation fill out the form below, and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

Once we’ve evaluated your situation and determined a consultation is in order, our staff will coordinate scheduling and other administrative matters with you.

What can I expect at the Consultation?

The focus of the consultation will be about where you are and where you want be. We will discuss aspects of your current situation and how your decisions will affect you and your family members.  Please keep in mind that an initial consultation is usually limited in scope until a formal attorney-client relationship is established.  Although we can give some general advice and input on your particular situation, it is impossible for any attorney to properly advise a client at the initial consultation.  Because we value our clients and want to ensure that you get the best legal representation you deserve, for that, we will need to establish a relationship beyond the initial consultation.

What should I bring?

If you have been served with papers or there are prior orders in your case, bring those.  In addition, it may be helpful to bring recent tax returns and pay stubs.  If you feel that there are other documents we should look at, bring those as well.  Once we’ve had a chance to review the important documents in your case, we can formulate an Action Plan for you.

Already have an appointment? Be sure to complete our initial intake form prior to your first consultation with our attorneys. Click here and follow the directions on the form.


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