Many of our clients are stay-at-home moms who gave up or delayed careers and career momentum to raise a family. They relied on promises from their spouse and expected that they would be taken care of — their family was a long-term investment that was worth the blood, sweat, tears, and boo-boos. But somewhere along the way, promises were broken, and now divorce is part of their journey.

Ensure Financial Stability

Most of our stay-at-home mom clients worry about money. But they aren’t gold-diggers — they’re women who want to be sure that a divorce won’t leave them financially devastated. If they have children, they want to ensure that their children will continue to enjoy a lifestyle that enables them to thrive and grow. They’ve earned their fair share of the marital assets, and they deserve the best divorce team to advocate for what they’re entitled to.

Take Advantage of Divorce Planning

In addition to divorce representation, Alexandra Geczi, PLLC offers divorce planning services that stay-at-home mothers can benefit from. Dissolving a marriage can be complex and nuanced, and it can create a great deal of fear and uncertainty for a stay-at-home mom. With divorce planning, we can help you envision your future, figure out how to achieve that future, and strategize how to minimize conflict so that you gain more certainty and control over the process.

If you’re a stay-at-home mom or homemaker, our e-guide, I Am SAHM, SAHM I Am: the Homemaker’s Guide to Divorce, is a great place to begin exploring your options. You can also search our blog (“stay-at-home”) to find more articles and tips.

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