Karen Hawkins



Karen brings 30 years of legal experience to the firm, having worked for family law firms in South and North Texas.  Her personal experience with her mother’s difficult divorce helps her to bring a level of compassion to support women going through the divorce process.

As an advocate for the women and families that our firm represents, Karen is prompt and responsive to client questions and concerns throughout their case.  She guides them through the day-to-day requirements to move their case forward efficiently and quickly.

Karen grew up in Corpus Christi and lives in McKinney with her husband and former feral kitty, Finnegan.  She and her husband have two grown, accomplished daughters.  She enjoys quiet nights at home and likes to read and keep in touch with family in Virginia and North Carolina.  Some of her favorite things are The West Wing, her family, animals of all kinds and anything U.K.   She’s also fairly certain she was meant to have a British accent.


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