An Affordable Option for Legal Representation

We understand that legal problems don’t wait until you’re in the ideal financial situation. This is why our law office works hard to always keep our prices fair, without ever sacrificing on the quality of service you are getting. If you’re looking for ways to further reduce the legal expenses you have to pay, consider our limited scope representation options.

What Is Limited Representation?

Limited scope representation allows you to choose only the specific legal services you require based on your situation. If you are confident that you know how to fill out paperwork, have it submitted, and handle other similar tasks, then you can save a significant amount of money on the final bill and take care of these things yourself. We are more than happy to work with you to find ways you can take on more responsibility and cut costs.

Explore Your Options

In addition, Alexandra Geczi PLLC has a variety of flat-fee packages and legal services available, which you can choose from to ensure you know exactly what you will be paying ahead of time.

If you are interested in learning more about our limited scope representation services and flat-fee options, please contact us today!