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As divorce rates increase, second and third marriages are becoming more and more common. With blended families and assets to protect, prenuptial agreements (prenups), and marital agreements (postnups) are becoming more common as well.

We often see clients who drafted their own agreements and/or signed agreements without consulting with an attorney. Unfortunately, these clients are often stuck with a raw deal they can’t get out of or a document that is not enforceable. Their children can also lose out if things go bad. Having a prenup or marital agreement that is drafted by an attorney or reviewed by an attorney will save you money and heartache in the long run. You’ll also feel more secure in your relationship, knowing that you and your children are taken care of in the event of divorce.

Signing a prenup without a lawyer looking over it spells d-i- s-a- s-t- e-r!

And what about other types of agreements? People are living together without getting married but still having children and blending their property. Without a cohabitation agreement, things can get sticky if they break up later. Splitting couples argue over property ownership, visitation rights, and financial support, ending up in court spending a lot of time and money battling it out. And not everyone thinking about divorce wants a divorce…at least not right away. Separation
agreements can be helpful to test things out, and pre-divorce planning is a great way to prepare for the inevitable. At Alexandra Geczi PLLC | Family Law, we can help you with a variety of different marriage scenarios. Our top-notch family law attorneys can draft prenups, marital agreements, cohabitation agreements, separation agreements, child custody agreements, and more. We can help you prepare for different outcomes and minimize the conflict later on.

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