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Prenuptial and marriage agreements are becoming more popular these days for a variety of reasons. Many empowered women see the benefits of having an agreement in place that acts like insurance to minimize risk and protect their futures. Set yourself up for success with support from Alexandra Geczi, PLLC.


  • Safeguard any assets you acquired prior to your marriage
  • Protect children from another relationship
  • Ensure your financial security
  • Clarify or highlight your contributions to the marriage

What Is a Prenup?

Prenups, also known as prenuptial or premarital agreements, are contractual agreements that a couple negotiates and signs before marriage. It is also good practice for the couple to re-sign the agreement shortly after the marriage date to ensure that it will be enforceable and binding.

What Is a Marital Agreement?

Marital agreements are contractual agreements that are negotiated and signed between a couple that is already married. Marital agreements can be created any time after marriage and can partition property rights between a couple.

Why Sign a Marriage Agreement?

For women who wait longer to get married, they can use a prenup to safeguard businesses and wealth accumulated prior to marriage. Some women are entering into a second or third marriage, and they want to be sure their children and property from prior relationships are protected.

For women who become homemakers or stay-at-home mothers, a prenup or marital agreement can be an opportunity to highlight their contribution to a marriage and ensure financial security in the event of divorce. (We call it a “golden parachute” for the Chief Domestic Officer™. Why should CEOs have all the perks?)

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Explore our blog to find more information about prenups, including tips on how to start the conversation with your spouse-to-be, and learn about other types of agreements you may benefit from, including cohabitation and separation agreements.

At Alexandra Geczi, PLLC, we are experienced divorce attorneys and family law lawyers who can help you with both drafting and enforcing your premarital agreement. Call our Dallas office today to learn more.


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