Having grown up in foster care, Rodney quickly learned the importance of family and the role it could play in shaping one’s life. Protecting this very asset – family – would become and continues to be Rodney’s basis for being a family law paralegal.

In his day-to-day role with clients, Rodney helps make simple what can otherwise be a very frustrating and confusing process. In protecting the clients’ family asset, Rodney helps the clients understand the process, the actions our office is taking, and the timeframe and real-time impact movement the cases will have. As Rodney is constantly assisting in moving the clients’ files forward, he’s also a good resource when the clients just want to “check-in.”

In the office, Rodney assists the attorneys from start to finish in each matter. Whether it is communicating with all relevant parties and professionals or drafting the necessary documents, Rodney helps provide the attorneys with as much information and assistance as necessary so that the attorneys can focus on the “big picture.”

In his eight years in family law, Rodney understands how large of a role a paralegal can play in moving matters forward. His goal for both the clients and the office is to contribute in a way that makes a difference. As his mentor reminds him, “…a nine-letter word for ‘indispensable’ is ‘paralegal.’”

When not working, Rodney is likely volunteering with local legal aide and homeless organizations or spending time with his nieces and nephews. Some of Rodney’s personal interests include the arts (both performance and visual), music festivals, food, red wines, and baking.