Setting Up Child Support Accounts



Income Withholding Order

Depending on your case, we may have filed an Income Withholding Order with the Court. The IWO is a court order that orders an employer to withhold income for child support and medical support and direct those funds to the Office of the Attorney General.

Normally, the attorney drafts the IWO and submits it to the judge for signature. Once signed, the District Clerk’s office (or other court personnel) sends it to the employer of the person obligated to pay child support. The attorney is not usually involved in that step.

Setting Up Accounts

To both receive and pay child support you and your ex (or the person paying support) will need to setup your own separate accounts with (1) the State of Texas Office of Attorney General (OAG) as well as (2) the local county child support office. There may be nominal fees associated with setting up these accounts. Each person must set up their own account.

If the accounts are not set up, then there may be delays and issues in paying or receiving support.

To get started with setting up your account with the State of Texas Office of Attorney General, contact the State Disbursement Unit (SDU) online HERE. You can set up Direct Deposit online HERE.

If you are in Dallas County, you can sign up for the C.A.R.E. program (“County Authority for Responsible Enforcement” ). All seven Family Courts in Dallas County will offer the C.A.R.E. program for all new temporary and final judgments for child support signed after October 1, 2005. You must sign the account set-up ‘blue form’ and email to [email protected] to obtain these services.  If you do not sign, the county will open a ‘registry only’ case for you at the SDU, but no monitoring or enforcement, nor automatic wage garnishments will happen on a ‘registry only’ case.

In Tarrant County, you can sign up for the Monitoring Program (IV-D), The program includes exclusive benefits and services available at little to no cost to you for child support monitoring, modification, and enforcement.

If you are in Collin County or Denton County, you will only sign up for the Office of Attorney General’s State Disbursement Unit.

More information for Collin and Denton Counties can be found below:

Collin County Child Support

Denton County Child Support



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