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Growing your family, whether it’s adopting an infant, older child, step-child, or adult, is one of the most exciting events a couple can go through. Unfortunately, adoption can also be difficult and time consuming. Adoption requires completing lots of legal paperwork and meeting detailed requirements.

We are here to help. Alexandra Geczi PLLC | Family Law has helped many people throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area and the State of Texas successfully adopt. We help ensure the entire process goes smoothly so can avoid some of the common obstacles that adoptive parents often run into. We love helping our clients through this joyful occasion, so please contact us to talk about your options.

Whether you are just starting to think about adoption and have some questions, or you are ready to move forward right away, we are here for you.

Types Of Adoption

International Adoption

An international adoption is when the birth mother and baby (or child) live in a different county than you do. The child is taken across international borders to be adopted. This type of adoption is often more complex and time consuming.

Interstate Adoption

An interstate adoption is when the birth mother and baby (or child) live in a different state than you do. The child is taken across state lines to be adopted.

Intrastate Adoption

An intrastate adoption is when the birth mother and baby (or child) reside in the same state as you do. The child does not have to cross state lines to be adopted.

The types of adoption are important, since each type of adoption requires a different set of legal requirements. The main differences are that in an intrastate adoption you must meet the requirements of only one state (i.e., Texas) while in an interstate or international adoption you must meet the requirements of at least two states, as well as the requirements of the Interstate Compact Act, Hague Convention, or other international laws. You must also be aware of the Indian Child Welfare Act.

In all three types of adoption, you will have to undergo a homestudy prior to taking custody of a child.

The Texas Adoption Process

Adult Adoption

Adult adoption in Texas is when one adult wishes to adopt another adult. It is less complicated than adoption of a child, but you must still meet certain legal requirements. Common reasons for adult adoptions are stepparents who wish to adopt their stepchildren after they become adults, or non-related individuals who want to preserve property rights. Not many attorneys (and even some judges) know about adult adoptions in Texas, but it is one of our niche practice areas. We have helped many people not just in Dallas but throughout the State of Texas with adult adoptions.

Step-parent Adoption

Step-parent adoption in Texas is when the spouse of the child’s biological parent petitions the court to adopt the minor stepchild. This process is similar to regular adoption, with some modifications. Also, it requires the termination of the other biological parent’s parental rights, either by consent, legal termination, or death.