Prenups And Marital Agreements

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Why Invest in a Marital Agreement

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What is A Prenup?

Prenups, also known as prenuptial or premarital agreements, are contractual agreements that a couple negotiates and signs before marriage. It is also good practice for the couple to re-sign the agreement shortly after the marriage date to ensure that it will be enforceable and binding.

What is A Marital Agreement?

Marital agreements are contractual agreements that are negotiated and signed between a couple that is already married. Marital agreements can be created any time after marriage and can partition property rights between a couple.

Why Sign a Marital Agreement?

For women who wait longer to get married, they can use a prenup to safeguard businesses and wealth accumulated prior to marriage. Some women are entering into a second or third marriage, and they want to be sure their children and property from prior relationships are protected.

For women who become homemakers or stay-at-home mothers, a prenup or marital agreement can be an opportunity to highlight their contribution to a marriage and ensure financial security in the event of divorce. (We call it a “golden parachute” for the Chief Domestic Officer™. Why should CEOs have all the perks?)

Why you Should Sign a Prenup?

5 reason you should sign a prenups

Not The Court

With a prenup, the couple Decide what happens in the event of divorce, not the court.


Your family and their separate property  are protected.

Business Owner

If you are a business owner , a prenups protect your investments.


Prenups give you a chance to highligt your contributions and ensure financial security.

Children Rights

Prenups Protect Your children’s Rights and any assets you pass on them.