What is the Diamond Alliance?

If you are a professional who advises families and divorcing couples and are looking for a new way to generate quality leads, the Diamond Alliance is a unique and exclusive referral network designed to provide you with marketing, educational, and other collaborative opportunities.

The Diamond Alliance is a Dallas-based network of industry-adjacent professionals looking to generate a steady stream of quality leads and referrals. The network is exclusive and limited to one expert from each field that provides advice in a divorce or family law setting.

Spearheaded by divorce attorney Alex Geczi, the group encompasses one trusted member from each of the following business areas:

  • Trust and estates law
  • Bankruptcy law
  • Tax law
  • Psychiatry
  • Marriage counseling
  • Insurance
  • Financial advising
  • Accounting
  • Real estate
  • Healthcare and benefits consulting
  • Life skills coaching

Members should have expertise in providing advice in a divorce setting and be interested in developing this area of their practice.

Member Expectations

Diamond Alliance members will be expected to attend meetings (in-person and virtual). These networking meetings will be opportunities for alliance participants to learn about each other and understand what constitutes a quality lead for each. The goal is for each member to ultimately be providing referrals to someone in the group, with the emphasis on quality over quantity.

Members will also have the opportunity to collaborate with one another on webinars, educational events, articles, and social media postings. When appropriate, members will be expected to include other Diamond Alliance participants in events and meetings, share contacts, and support one another through social media postings.

Membership Benefits 

As part of a devoted and exclusive network, members can expect quality leads and referrals. Since all members are professionals who provide advice to divorcing couples, these leads and referrals will be trusted clients with real needs – not prospects generated from a cold pitch or off a purchased email list.

The Diamond Alliance offers an opportunity to network and share knowledge with other Dallas professionals in related but not competitive businesses. Diamond Alliance is unique in its focus on professionals who provide advice to families and divorcing couples on child custody decisions, asset division, valuation, retirement and benefits, and a multitude of other issues.

In addition to meetings, Diamond Alliance will host cocktail receptions and other networking events where members can invite guests. The alliance will also host educational webinars or knowledge-sharing sessions where members can expand their knowledge in the field.

How to Join

If you are a professional who provides advice to divorcing couples or is brought in as part of a divorce team, providing anything from a psychiatric opinion related to child custody issues to presenting a fair division of retirement assets, the Diamond Alliance is a unique network designed exclusively for you. Even life coaches and counselors who advise spouses on life post-divorce can benefit from being a part of the Diamond Alliance. Contact us today at (214) 974-4449 to learn more.