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As much as we’d love to learn more about you, you’d probably like to learn about us.

Here’s what you should know about our firm.

It’s all about empowering women.

We believe women should be empowered to live their best life, free from a toxic marriage. We believe women shouldn’t feel fearful, but confident about their choices and the actions they can take. And we believe that wanting a comfortable quality of life after divorce is nothing to feel sorry about.

We have Texas pride.

We love our Texas communities, primarily the DFW area where our clients come from most. We are women from Texas serving women from Texas, which means a lot in a relationship-driven business like ours.

Our diverse range of services matters.

When your situation is complex, you need a team that’s seen it all and does it all. Rest assured, our team is deeply experienced in family and divorce matters, and we provide a wide range of women’s legal services—to get you the best outcome possible.



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