What are the biggest challenges the pandemic has put on relationships?

The pandemic has certainly impacted many couples’ relationships. We have all faced an increase in stress and anxiety, and this has had a negative impact on many relationships. Increased periods of isolation (even when together) and boredom have also led to an increase in tension within marriages already under strain.

The biggest source of division among many couples is actually in their response to the pandemic itself. Couples have found themselves at odds as to whether to lockdown, whether to mask, and even whether to vaccinate themselves or their children. With these issues, it’s nearly impossible to find a middle ground. After all, you can’t half-vaccinate someone.

This has led to an increase in conflict and confrontation for many. Helping couples learn how to navigate conflict is a must-have skill for any marriage counselor and has certainly been put to the test as a result of the pandemic. Guiding couples to clearly express their thoughts, feelings, and desires is key. Even then, it may ultimately be a matter of “agree to disagree” which does not sit well with many.

I have yet to work with a couple where differences in opinion regarding the virus have led to divorce, but I know other therapists who have. The increase in stress and strain the pandemic has put on many relationships cannot be denied.

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Mark Cagle




Mark Cagle, LPC-S

I understand the frustration of being married to someone who is highly intelligent. (My wife tells me all the time.) I also know what’s going on in the mind of someone who “just doesn’t get it.”

I know that being a successful business-owner, prolific writer or researcher, computer whiz, numbers geek… doesn’t always equate to a thriving marriage.

In fact, it presents a unique set of challenges that not all marriage counselors are equipped to handle. The last thing you want is to finally persuade your partner to seek marriage counseling then have them become convinced that the therapist is just taking your side and doesn’t understand them.

I have the unique ability to see the issues from both sides.

I have dedicated my career to helping couples just like you and have attended countless hours of training in order to do just that.