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When women across Dallas have a marriage that turns on them, they turn to us. It takes a high-performing team to make things happen—and we’re looking to grow ours. Here’s a little bit about us, and the kind of team players we’re looking for.

About You

  • You are experienced and knowledgeable in Texas family law and divorce, including high asset estates and complex property issues.
  • You value the work you do and have high standards for yourself, your team, and the clients.
  • You can connect with and relate to professional women, affluent stay at home moms, ambitious millennials, and older women with complex property issues.
  • You are strategic, forward-thinking, and won’t stop until you find a solution.
  • Bottom line: Our clients value talent and expect quality professional services, and we’re looking for top talent to fill that need.

About Us

  • We operate with a set of core values and a long-term vision of success.
  • We are selective about the clients we work with, and we only work with women who are committed to improving their lives.
  • We invest in our team, and every member of our team is valuable.
  • We are innovative and pioneering, elevating our brand and reputation in the legal community.

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