What jobs are hiring women and stay at home moms?

Initially, COVID-19 was a shock to our systems, and our focus was on the negative impact it had on certain industries and their workforces. But now that we have had some time to adapt and pivot, it’s becoming clear that there are industries out there that are thriving in this new era of social distancing.

What does that mean for you? It means that there are job and business opportunities right now that can help you pivot and upgrade your life and career.

LinkedIn published an article in April 2020 listing the companies that are hiring during the coronavirus pandemic.

As you can see, there are plenty of jobs available.

So, where can you find these jobs and apply for them? There are several job boards out there and below are four of the more popular ones:

You will also need a killer resume and cover letter to apply for these jobs. There are several resume building websites out there, and most of them offer some basic level of free services.

TIP: Create an email account for job hunting or for spam that you can use for these sites when they ask for your information. If they ask for a phone number, you can set up a free phone number through Google Voice or other service and hook it up to the email address. That way you have everything in one place.

Below are a couple resume building sites we found:

Stay-at-home moms and homemakers may be concerned that they have been out of the workforce for too long, or they don’t think they have any skills that would transfer into the workplace. What sorts of skills do they have? What jobs offer flexibility? What jobs can stay-at-home moms get?

To find out more opportunities for SAHMs and career opportunities for any woman, click below to watch the video.

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