Brandy Fine

Divorce & Family Law

Brandy Fine

Director of Operations & Business Development

Dallas family law firm Alexandra Geczi PLLC.

Chances are that if you have called our offices in the last eight years, you are already familiar with Brandy Fine, our Director of Operations and Business Development. Brandy came to work with the firm in January 2016 while finishing her degree, with plans to travel across the country after graduation.

As a team that supports and empowers women, we found a way to continue our relationship, and Brandy worked virtually with our team for a year while she explored the country with her boyfriend (a virtual software engineer) and two small dogs in their motorhome. She even kept a blog! Travel is of the utmost importance to Brandy, as she believes it allows for character growth and transformational learning, which inspire creativity and drive innovation.

While we enjoyed hearing of her many adventures, we are happy that Brandy landed back in Dallas/Fort Worth, to help the firm with their rapid growth in 2018 and beyond!

Brandy Fine Experience

In 2016, Brandy graduated with honors from the University of Texas at Dallas with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, which has given her a broad knowledge of the functional aspects of running

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a business and their interconnection. Her concentrated studies in Innovation and Entrepreneurship have paired nicely with the firm’s vision to create a better way of navigating the divorce process and other family law matters.


As a non-legal professionals, our clients benefit from her ability to simplify complex legal processes and terminology, which allows us to share important information that is easy to read and understand. She believes strongly in education, planning, and preparedness as keys to success for our clients, our business, and herself.


Brandy is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others by promoting positivity and brighter futures. She uses her own personal experience with divorce (her own and her parents)

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to help guide others through the legal process with care and compassion. As the firm evolves, our mutual goal is to change the face of family law with our unique vision to create happiness for our clients and ourselves. Happiness for Brandy is a quiet night at home after a productive day in the office. Always trying to maintain a positive mental outlook on life, she focuses daily on healthy eating habits and exercise routines. As an aspiring Renaissance woman, she enjoys creative outlets such as playing her ukulele, crocheting gifts for her family, water color and acrylic painting, tending to her plants, reading murder mysteries, bird watching, beach combing or anything else that might catch her fancy. Brandy also enjoys networking and meeting new people, so please feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn!