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Ensuring Your Child Is Financially Supported

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As parents, we worry about our children. We want to protect them and give them things we didn’t have. When we get married, we envision a life for our children with love, laughter, and financial security. Divorce isn’t a part of that vision, and it’s not something we normally plan for. However, when divorce does enter into the picture, what can we do to protect our children? What do you do to ensure they are taken care of financially?

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Child Support In Texas

While Texas law is fairly clear about how child support should be handled, there is some flexibility. The Texas Family Code sets out guidelines about when child support is paid, who pays it, and in what amounts. It also outlines factors that allow a judge to vary from those guidelines in special circumstances. This is why it is so important to have an attorney who can argue your case effectively in the courtroom.

Child Support Issues Can Occur Anytime

Child support may begin when the parents separate, and it typically continues until the child is 18 years old or graduates from high school (whichever is later). While the initial child support calculations will be worked out during the divorce process – or when paternity is being established – it is possible that child support may have to be modified later on. Many parents, especially those of young children, will find that the amount of child support needs to change at least a few times over the years. This could be because of changes in jobs, changes in the financial needs of the child, additional siblings being born, or any number of other reasons.

Whether you’re looking to have the child support raised, lowered, or held steady, we can help. With years of experience in Texas courts, Alexandra Geczi, PLLC knows how to make an effective argument and get results when child support and the financial security of your child is on the line.