With proper pre-divorce planning and some creative thinking, you’d be surprised at what you can afford.

A Client Story

Maggie* needed an experienced divorce lawyer in Dallas and she came to our office for an initial consultation. Her husband kept the purse strings tight, but she was able to discreetly scrape together the money for the appointment.

During our meeting, we got to know Maggie and listened to her concerns. She was worried about her financial security and how she could afford a lawyer. She had resigned herself to believing her husband’s threats and accepting whatever offer her husband was making, but she was scared. We reassured her, letting her know that his threats and offers were scare tactics and that they were untrue. With the right mindset, an experienced divorce team, and proper planning, she could come out of the divorce with her fair share and a brighter future.

Maggie was excited to work with our firm, but she was still not sure how she was going to come up with the money for a retainer. Once we explained how community property works and suggested creative ways that might make it easier for her to quickly find funding, Maggie knew she would find the money to retain us.

Maggie strode into our office confidently the next morning, payment in hand, and asked, “So when do we get started?”

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10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Get Cash Fast

  • Contact your credit cards and ask for a credit limit increase.
  • Understand your budget and cut back on unnecessary expenses.
  • Know when paychecks get deposited and set up an automatic transfer of funds into a secure account.
  • Ask family and friends for small loans, either in cash or on their credit cards.
  • Inventory what you have – collections, furniture, handbags, jewelry, stocks – and sell or consign things.
  • Take on a second job or get paid for things you are doing for free.
  • Think about getting a title loan against your vehicle.
  • Ask your boss for an early paycheck.
  • Borrow funds from a financial account, such as retirement or investments.
  • Ask your bank for a line of credit or new credit card.

*If you’re considering divorce, be sure to speak with an experienced divorce lawyer before doing any of these things.

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You deserve to shine bright and live a fuller life. Finding a divorce lawyer who understands your situation and one who can support you through the divorce process is key to your success. Maggie understood the value of what she would get by hiring our firm – escaping a toxic marriage and achieving a brighter future for herself and her children – so she empowered herself to make it happen, and you can too.

*Name was changed to protect confidentiality.

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