Divorce for Stay-at-Home-Moms & Homemakers

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Stay-at-home moms and homemakers often give up or delay their careers to raise a family and support their spouse. They rely on promises and expect to be taken care of, because their family is a long-term investment that is worth the blood, sweat, tears, and boo-boos. But somewhere along the way, promises were broken, and now divorce is part of the journey. Find your freedom with a team dedicated to women like you.

Questions About Divorce

Divorce comes with a lot of questions, no matter what role you played in the partnership, but stay-at-home moms often have more concerns because of the life transition that will come with divorce. For homemakers, financial issues are often the most frightening aspect of a divorce. Many wonder…

  • Will the divorce leave me financially devastated?
  • Will my children continue to have a lifestyle where they can thrive and grow?
  • Will I have to go back to work?
  • Will I lose time with my children?
  • Will I lose custody of my children because I don’t work?
  • Am I entitled to alimony?
  • Am I entitled to anything? Everything is in his name!

With the right guidance, many of these fears can be overcome.

The Right Way to Get a Divorce

Getting a divorce can be complicated, and there are a lot of ways to go through the process. However, if you are looking to achieve specific results from your divorce, whether that means alimony or a certain child custody agreement, then there is a right and a wrong way to do it. We recommend the following steps to achieve the best possible results.

Research Divorce Lawyers

There are a lot of great lawyers out there, but there are also some bad ones. Take your time to find a good fit. You will be sharing a lot of personal information with your legal team, so you should trust their experience and temperament. Download our checklist of Nine Things to Ask a Lawyer at the Initial Consultation to guide you when you speak to a divorce attorney.

Accept Help When It’s Offered

Your divorce lawyer can only do so much. A great divorce attorney will see beyond the legal divorce process and offer you help from outside resources that can help you, such as counseling, coaching, career guidance, realtors, and more.

Stay Involved In Your Case

The divorce process can be overwhelming at times, but a good legal team will give you instructions and guidance. Open communication is key. Don’t be ashamed of debt, negative emotions, or other things that you may not want to share. A good divorce lawyer will listen to you and want you to be involved in your case.

Understand The Process

You can leave the details to the experts, but empower yourself with a basic understanding of the overall Texas divorce process.

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 Download our complimentary guide,  Divorce Explained: An Overview of the Texas Divorce Process, to learn many valuable tips and tricks, including:

  • What first steps you should take
  • What issues you can expect to come up during the divorce process
  • How to reach an agreement
  • What to do when you can’t agree
  • How a case is finalized

By taking these steps, you are educating yourself about your rights and building the confidence to overcome your fears about divorce. To learn more about the unique issues facing stay-at-home moms (SAHMs), download our free guide, I Am SAHM, SAHM I Am: A Homemaker’s Guide to Divorce.

Why do we do What we do?

“After years of practicing family law, I saw a distinct power imbalance in the relationships and the divorces I was handling. Women are often undervalued and underappreciated for their contributions to a marriage. What is worse is that they accept this as normal! My mission is to educate and empower women about their personal worth and legal rights in the divorce process.”Alexandra Geczi Attorney, Mother, and Founder of Alexandra Geczi PLLC, a law firm created by a woman for other women.

Why Choose Us

We have built a reputation of strength, trust and integrity.
Much of our success comes as a result of referrals from other professionals, such as financial planners, CPAs, therapists, and even other family law attorneys. These professionals have trusted us for years with their referrals — not just family and friends, but also their own divorces and family law matters.

You Are Not Alone

We’ve helped countless women through their divorce journeys and beyond. We often stay in touch and follow up with our clients years later to make sure they are transitioning into the next chapter of their lives as smoothly as possible. To help others find the support and guidance that helped them take the next step, some of our clients want to “pay it forward” and share their stories. Below is Anika’s divorce journey.


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Anika* was married to a toxic, abusive husband, but with a daughter and family pressure to deal with, she was uncertain about the divorce process. She didn’t want to lose her daughter or struggle through a high-conflict custody battle.

Even once she took the first step in the divorce process, Anika was ready to give in to her husband’s demands to keep things amicable, but she wanted to fight for her daughter. She was conflicted and dealing with a lot of emotions. Alexandra Geczi PLLC was there to offer support and strong advocacy for both her and her daughter.

Here is what Anika had to say about working with us:

“I chose Alex and her team because I liked her style as an attorney, and they were ready to fight for me while still being reasonable and objective. I had many fears going into my divorce, especially with regards to my young daughter, such as what would happen with custody, and would I lose time with her to my husband. But I trusted Alex and her team, and my only regret is that I didn’t take more of her advice.

I wanted to avoid court costs and was dealing with guilt, emotional stress, and abusive behavior from my bullying husband. I just wanted it to be over. Thankfully, I did listen to her with regards to a very comprehensive final divorce decree. Everything is in writing, and I refer back to it often when dealing with my ex, which gives me peace of mind.

Now, almost two years after my divorce, I am a million times better. I still have fears, but I am in a much better place to deal with them. And I find comfort in knowing that I can still reach out to Alex and her team when I have questions and concerns. I gladly recommend Alex and her firm to family and friends.”
Anika did not have to go through her divorce alone, and neither do you. You too can find the strength and courage to move forward toward a brighter future, as well as the legal advocacy you deserve. The team here at Alexandra Geczi PLLC is here to help women who are struggling with their marriages and looking for a way to regain confidence and control in their lives. Visit our client journeys page today for more inspiration.

*The name of the client and certain details of her case were changed to protect confidentiality.


“I have referred a number of family law cases to Alex, and she has always treated each client like they were her only one. Alex’s level of personal service and her attention to detail are highly impressive. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer any matter, large or small, to her, as I know she’ll handle each matter with care and diligence.”

– Personal Injury Attorney

“I […] have appreciated since day one her professionalism, dedication to her clients, and her willingness to go the extra mile to get the job done. She is one of only a select few attorneys to whom I feel comfortable referring clients.”

– Family Law Attorney

How do I Get Started?

Consider Divorce Planning

For those who aren’t sure how to begin the divorce process, our divorce planning page can be a great place to learn more. We’ll clarify what you want from the divorce process, from how you would like to proceed to the specific end results you hope for, and we can answer any questions you may have.
For stay-at-home moms in particular, there can be a lot of uncertainty surrounding divorce. Child custody is a major concern for many, as well as what may become of their finances or their living situation once the divorce goes through. We’ll work through your questions and worries together, and brainstorm solutions to help you find piece of mind.


Once you decide to initiate a divorce, your next steps will depend on who you choose to work with. At Alexandra Geczi PLLC, we begin the process with a complimentary case evaluation and/or a paid initial consultation. Some people want to jump right into strategic planning and skip the consultation altogether, so you can also choose to set up an initial strategy session as your first step.


When you contact our office, our intake specialist will communicate with you briefly regarding some basic information to determine whether or not we’re a good fit. Learn more about our case evaluation process here on our site, or contact us today for more information!


The next step, after a case evaluation, is an initial consultation. If the basic criteria of your case is a match for our services, then we will invite you to come in and meet our team.


If we believe we are a match for your needs, then we’ll take your case evaluation a step further still with an initial strategy session — a deep dive into your case. You will meet with a divorce attorney or paralegal to discuss your legal strategy and build out your divorce roadmap.