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Divorce can be expensive, both financially and emotionally. If you and your spouse are able and willing to work together to reach a fair settlement that you both agree on, a flat fee divorce may be a good option. A flat fee (or fixed fee) agreed divorce allows you to remain in control of your future and minimize the damage to your children and family relationships. We have honed our process to help you minimize the stress, cost, and impact of divorce on your family and financial future.

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Not all cases will be a good fit with our flat fee pricing. We also offer traditional hourly litigation and collaborative law services. Every case is different, and the firm reserves the right to determine whether flat fee or hourly pricing is appropriate for your situation.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the difference between uncontested and contested divorces?

Uncontested divorces are divorces where both spouses agree on all issues, without court intervention or attorney negotiation. Contested divorces require some level of court intervention or attorney negotiation to reach a resolution. In family law, contested divorces CAN be agreed divorces. A couple may not be able to agree on all issues, but a skilled divorce lawyer can help you understand the process, negotiate, reach agreements and avoid court.

What’s the difference between uncontested and agreed divorces?

Agreed does NOT mean uncontested. We help our clients reach agreements in most of our cases. In fact, most divorce cases settle and reach agreements, even if they start out hostile and contentious. An uncontested divorce is one where both spouses agree on all terms of the divorce and no negotiation is necessary to reach settlement.

What’s the difference between legal separation and divorce?

Texas does not recognize legal separation, and divorce is the only option to dissolve a marriage. However, many of our clients are interested in a trial separation from their spouses before they decide if divorce is right for them. We help bridge the gap by offering Separation and Divorce Planning[LINK to Divorce Planning page] If you’d like to get your ducks in a row before you file for divorce or you’d like help to decide if divorce is right for you, contact us to discuss separation and divorce planning.

Should we mediate before or after we file for divorce?

The general rule of thumb is to gather information before engaging in negotiations. We understand the desire to settle quickly and move on, but we prefer to have all your options spelled out before making some of the most important decisions in your life. As such, we normally prefer to mediate after we file for divorce and after we have exchanged information. However, in some cases, it may be fine to mediate before you file for divorce. In those cases, it may be better to mediate, get a signed mediated settlement agreement, and then file the divorce. For those situations, we offer pre-mediation coaching to help you strategize and prepare for mediation. As with everything, consult with an attorney to determine the best option for you.

What if there has been domestic violence in my marriage?

If there has been domestic violence, then you may not qualify for a flat fee divorce with our firm. Not because we don’t want to help you, but because an agreed flat fee divorce may not be a good fit for your case. Domestic violence creates a complex and nuanced situation. If you have been a victim of domestic violence or have committed domestic violence against your spouse or family, you should speak with an attorney to determine the best options for you.

Are filing fees included in the flat fee?

Filing fees for an Original Petition for Divorce, Answer, Counterclaim, and filing a Waiver of Service are included in the flat fee. Additional filing fees may not be included but should be spelled out in your retainer agreement.

How expensive are you?

You get what you pay for. We do not offer cheap divorce. We offer quality divorce legal services at predictable prices. We value high quality work and making sure that things are done right. This means better systems and an experienced, compassionate team to support you. Choosing a “cheap” or “affordable” flat fee divorce could lead to serious short-term and long-term consequences for you, your family, and your financial future. If you would like a cheap flat fee divorce, then we can provide you with referrals and resources.

How expensive are you?

In Texas, a divorce can be finalized any time after 60 days from the date of filing suit. If you and your spouse agree on all issues, and we can complete the paperwork timely, then the soonest you can be divorced is 61 days after the date the Original Petition for Divorce was FILED with the court. However, not all couples are able to agree on all issues promptly, or other factors may delay the process. While a quick divorce is our goal, it is not always realistic, and you should be prepared to manage your expectations accordingly.

Flat fee divorce is based on the attorney’s efficient handling of your case. Most family law attorneys in Dallas and Texas prefer to use an hourly billing model because it’s easier than sticking with systems and predictability. But flat fee pricing is an option for many cases. Because we have niched on just divorce for women, we have developed systems that allow us to streamline our services and create predictability. This allows our clients to plan and prepare for the expense of divorce and our firm to provide quality value-based legal services.

We help women throughout the State of Texas and including but not limited to Dallas, North Dallas, Addison, Plano, Richardson, Frisco, Allen, Lakewood, Fort Worth, Grapevine, Irving, Southlake, Keller, Waxahachie, Waco, Temple, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, The Woodlands, Corpus Christi, and more.

The information provided on this page is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice. This content does not form an attorney-client relationship. The terms and conditions provided are subject to change, and the firm reserves the sole and exclusive right to determine whether or not your case qualifies for flat fee services.

Uncontested Divorce Package

Are you and your spouse in complete agreement about the terms of your divorce? If so, our uncontested flat fee divorce package may be a good fit.

  • You have access to our private online library of educational resources, developed by an experienced, award-winning divorce lawyer for women.
  • We draft the Original Petition for Divorce, the Waiver of Service, the Final Decree of Divorce, the Declaration of Prove-up and a cover letter.
  • If you need additional documents, such as a Qualified Domestic Relations Order, a child support Wage Withholding Order, or real estate deed documents, we can also draft those for an additional fee.1
  • We will file the paperwork with the Court, and the initial filing fee is included.2
  • After the judge signs, you will receive a certified copy of the Final Decree of Divorce, and your spouse will receive a court-signed (non-certified) copy.3
  • You will receive instructions for changing your name and/or setting up child support, if applicable.
  • You have the option to speak with an attorney to answer your legal questions.4

We make sure it gets done right, and we treat you with dignity and compassion.

Starting at $5,000*

Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce

There are many benefits to an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce in Texas is faster than a contested divorce, it’s more streamlined, it costs less, and you have more control over the terms of your agreement. An uncontested divorce is also more amicable and helps you and your spouse maintain peace and dignity.

When an Uncontested Divorce is NOT a Good Fit

Uncontested divorce is not a good fit in most domestic violence situations or in relationships where there is a substantial disparity in power. You should not have to settle for a flat fee uncontested divorce if there are issues you feel strongly about and do not want to agree to. If you are in an abusive marriage, please speak to us about your options.

Uncontested divorce may also be a bad idea if you and your spouse cannot communicate without conflict. If your spouse refuses to talk about the issues, or if every conversation results in a screaming match, then reaching agreements will be challenging. You will likely need an attorney or court to intervene.

Lastly, uncontested divorce may not work if you have trouble understanding the law or have language barriers. It’s important that you understand your rights and are able to express your wishes for the agreement.

Who Qualifies for Our Uncontested Divorce Package

To qualify for this package, the following must be true:

  • Your spouse will sign and notarize a Waiver of Service and return it to our office for filing. AND
  • All terms of your divorce must be agreed. (We will provide you with a checklist.) AND
  • Neither of you is pregnant or in the process of adoption a child, and neither of you will become pregnant while the divorce is pending.5 AND
  • Your marital estate is considered a “Basic Estate”.6

How It Works: Our Process

If you’re curious about how it works, here is an overview of our Uncontested Texas Divorce Process:

  • You get access to your client portal and resources.
  • You complete our checklist and sign some forms.
  • A member of our team reaches out to you to confirm the details of your agreement.
  • Our team drafts the documents you will need.
  • You and your spouse review and sign the documents.
  • The documents are filed with the Court.
  • The judge signs and approves the documents.7
  • You and your now-ex-spouse receive copies of the signed documents.
  • A member of our team will debrief you and close the file.

Ending a marriage is not an easy decision to make. However, working with Alexandra Geczi PLLC will help you simplify the process and move on. We are women supporting women, and we are here for you.
The information provided on this page is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice. This content does not form an attorney-client relationship. The terms and conditions provided are subject to change, and the firm reserves the sole and exclusive right to determine whether or not your case qualifies for flat fee services.

* The price shown is the base price. Additional fees may be charged for additional services, but such fees will be clear and spelled out before you sign a retainer agreement.

1 Additional documents may be drafted for an additional fee, as set out in the retainer agreement.

2 Package includes filing fee for Original Petition for Divorce OR Answer and Counterpetition for Divorce, and filing fee for Waiver of Service, for Dallas, Collin, Denton, and Tarrant Counties. Fees may be included for other counties, but check with the firm. Filing fees for additional documents are NOT included in the Package. Refer to the details of your Engagement Letter/Retainer Agreement.

3 We do not guarantee that the judge will sign or approve your Final Decree. If the judge rejects your decree based on a reason other than a drafting error on our part, then you will have options to correct the rejection for an additional cost.

4 Package does not include a call with an attorney. However, you can purchase an additional block of time to speak with an attorney about your legal questions or custom requests.

5 If one of you becomes pregnant, then the case will be put on hold until the baby is born, regardless of who the father is.

6 Our definition of a “Basic Estate” is an estate under $2M, comprised of approximately one marital residence, basic retirement accounts, basic vehicles, and basic financial accounts, and none of the property requires an expert valuation. This is not a legal definition but rather a guideline we use to determine the complexity of your case.

7 We do not guarantee that the judge will sign or approve your agreement. If the judge does not sign the Final Decree of Divorce or approve your agreement, then we will discuss your options.