The Mediation Process

The first step to mediation is the introductory meeting between the parties and the mediator. Depending on the situation, the mediator may meet with both parties at the same time, at different times, or both. If given pre-mediation documents, the mediator will share what they believe is the issue that needs resolving. They will then go over the process of mediation and the protocol to follow.

After the introductory process, each party will have the opportunity to share their side of the story. Once both parties have spoken, the mediator will ask both parties for factual information, evidence, and any other pertinent information so both parties can come to an agreement. Issues will be identified and summarized.

Once the problem is identified, there are several paths the parties can take. One option is for the mediator to propose a solution in front of both parties to amend until they can compromise on an agreeable solution to the dispute. Another option is for the mediator to meet with each party separately (and confidentially) in order to reach a solution. This option allows each party to disclose their fears and desires with full confidence.

If both parties come to an agreement, then they can put their agreement in writing and draft up a court order. If the mediation process is not successful, then both parties will have to follow through with a court order.

Alexandra Geczi, PLLC offers mediation services in two ways:

  • Representing you at a mediation session
  • As a mediator who facilitates communication between opposing parties
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