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Life Changes. Modify Your Court Order To Ensure It Fits Your Current Needs

When going through a divorce, most people are so focused on that ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ that they forget that in the coming years, many things are going to continue to change. Court orders for divorce or child custody are made to fit the situation at the moment when they are issued, and while they are designed to apply for as long as possible, no order can predict the future.
Did you know that even if you and your spouse agree to change child support, without a formal court order, you could still be on the hook for the old child support amount, as well as fines, license suspension, and possible jail time?

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If there has been some type of major change in your circumstances, the circumstances of your ex, or your children, getting a modification is very important. The following are some of the most common reasons why one or both parties involved will request a modification:

Age of The Child(ren)

 Things like parenting time schedules and child support need to be modified as the child ages. 

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A child’s schedule is going to be much different in first grade, for example, then it is in 10th grade. Modifying an order a few times over the years can help make it possible for both parents to maintain a strong relationship and spend lots of quality time with the kids.


 If you or your ex gets remarried, it can prompt changes to your schedule, your job, your home, and many other things. When this happens, a modification to your court order may be appropriate.

Employment Status

 If you or your ex has a change in employment, it may be a good cause for a modification to your divorce order. This is especially true if there is any type of spousal support involved.

Moving Or Relocation

If you or your spouse is moving, especially if moving a long distance away, then a modification will likely be needed. Updating your order to reflect the new living conditions is important.


There are many other reasons why an order needs to be adjusted. If you find that your current order doesn’t meet the needs of your current situation, talking to an attorney is the best place to start.Is your ex trying to move and take your child without notifying you?

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Contested Or Uncontested

When modifying an order, it can be a contested issue or an uncontested one. Contested modifications are when one person wants the order, and the other doesn’t. These need to be worked out either through mediation, or by litigating through the courts.

Uncontested modifications are changes that are agreed upon by both parties, and just need to be implemented through the courts to make them binding.