Same Sex Divorce

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Offering Specialized Help Through A Same-sex Divorce

For the most part, same-sex divorces are very similar to opposite-sex divorces. There are, however, some unique situations that may come up. Another challenge that same-sex divorces can present is that the laws surrounding same-sex marriage (and divorce) are still fairly new. This means many family law attorneys have little or no experience in this area.

Experienced Attorney

Attorney Alexandra Geczi has been keeping up to date with all the legal cases and laws surrounding same-sex marriage, and divorce. Due to the fact that it was the supreme court that made same-sex legal in Texas rather than the state legislature, this presents a very interesting legal situation for attorneys. As new laws and regulations are being written surrounding this issue, it is critical that all same-sex couples going through a divorce choose an attorney experienced in this area of law.

Children & Same-sex Divorce

One of the biggest obstacles with same-sex divorce is determining custody of the children. The children are always going to be either adopted, or the biological child of just one of spouses. While both parties will have a legal right to be a part of the children’s lives, courts typically rule in favor of a biological parent over an adopted one, even in these types of cases. Whether you are the biological parent or not, we will fight for your legal rights to having a relationship with your child(ren).