TCA Professional Growth Conference 2024

Welcome, TCA Professional Growth Conference attendees!

Innovative Divorce Solutions

We are excited to be a part of the TCA Professional Growth Conference this year. As mental health professionals, you understand the emotional toll divorce can take on individuals and families. Our law firm is dedicated to providing compassionate, innovative solutions to help your clients navigate this challenging time.

How We Can Help Your Clients

At Alexandra Geczi PLLC, we recognize the unique position you hold in supporting individuals considering divorce. We offer resources and legal expertise to complement your therapeutic approach, ensuring your clients have access to comprehensive support during this transition.

The Four Ways to Get Divorced in Texas

Traditional Litigation:

Court-based process, potentially adversarial

Collaborative Divorce:

Team-based approach that can suspend court intervention up to two years


Hired third party determines outcome

Amicable Divorce:

Innovative, private, and the only pre-litigation option for divorce

Introducing Amicable Divorce: A Modern Approach to Divorce

Amicable Divorce is an innovative approach to divorce that minimizes time, expense, and emotional trauma. This private, out-of-court experience allows couples to:

  1. Maintain control over the process and outcomes
  2. Preserve relationships, especially important for co-parenting
  3. Reduce stress and anxiety often associated with traditional divorce
  4. Save time and money compared to litigation

Amicable Divorce differs from Collaborative Law Divorce, and Amicable Divorce is the only process that settles a case BEFORE the case is filed with the Court.

Amicable Divorce differs from Mediation. Mediation is not a divorce process – it is a tool that can be used in any of the four approaches to divorce.

Amicable Divorce does not mean the couple has to be amicable, and the case does not have to be uncontested.

Exclusive Resource for TCA Conference Attendees

We’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to help you support your clients considering divorce. This resource includes:

> Detailed explanations of all four divorce methods in Texas
> Checklist for divorce preparation
> Information on the innovative Amicable Divorce process

Download Your Free Divorce Guide Now!

By downloading this guide, you’ll be equipped to provide valuable insights to your clients, helping them make informed decisions about their divorce process. Together, we can support individuals in choosing the path that best suits their unique situations and emotional needs.