Going through a divorce can be a horrendously tumultuous experience, especially for women, on whom the majority of the burden of emotional labor will often fall. It is crucial to remember that the journey will be worth it, that life will be brighter on the other side. Remaining positive can be a difficult path to tread, but setting goals can help you keep focused on why you’re doing this.

Post-divorce planning can involve a range of things, from hobbies to start or resume to custody goals and child-care aims. The most important thing is making sure you remain guided and keep track of your ultimate goals and why they are meaningful to you. One of the most helpful tools throughout this period is one you have likely been directed to many times during your journey – journaling. 

Within this, setting short-term as well as longer-term goals can really encourage you to keep your future vision at the forefront of your focus. Start with your ultimate goal and break it down into manageable, bite-sized pieces that won’t overwhelm you or discourage your progress. You could be surprised to see just how satisfying it is to tick small successes off of your list on your journey to independence. 

Post-Divorce Financial Planning

One of the most common things that women focus on is post-divorce financial planning because savings, income, and accounts will inevitably become inextricably intertwined throughout your marriage. Start simple and work out your finances to gauge a personal budget for yourself so you can begin considering a new place to call your home and a new life to call your own. 

Creating a budget is of the utmost importance, as most people have to adjust their spending allowances in a post-divorce situation. So, spend within your means while you get your feet back on the ground to save yourself from spiraling into unnecessary debt. This process can feel especially daunting if you are a stay-at-home mom getting a divorce, who has no independent income. Just remember that there are countless resources out there to help you. 

Reclaim your power on your journey to independence and happiness. Envisioning where you see yourself in 5 years can be a wonderful way to secure the dream in your mind, and writing it down will enable you to reflect and see how much you have grown in the years to come. Choosing a specialist divorce lawyer for women can help tremendously, as they have the compassion to guide you on this journey – you are not alone. Our team is here with compassion and resources to guide you in your journey. Visit our Free Resources page to download our free Divorce Explained E-Book or call us at 972-838-1181 to chat about the process.