Setting Goals in the Post-Divorce Period

By Admin User / December 28, 2021

Going through a divorce can be a horrendously tumultuous experience, especially for women, on whom the majority of the burden of emotional labor will often fall. It is crucial to remember that the journey will be worth it, that life will be brighter on the other side. Remaining positive can be a difficult path to…

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Divorcing a Cheating Husband

By Admin User / December 14, 2021

Discovering infidelity is devastating. Discovering infidelity in a marital situation is soul-destroying. You have promised eternity to each other, and it was revealed to be a lie. That’s why it’s important to know that you don’t have to stay in a marriage like this. Yes, we are taught that marriage should last a lifetime, and…

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Compromise and Co-Parenting: How to Do It Right

By Admin User / December 7, 2021

You may have found yourself in a situation where you have shared custody of your kids but still can’t bear to be around your ex. You can try and keep contact to a minimum, but conversations and communication are necessary to facilitate the smoothest transition possible for your kids. This can feel near to impossible…

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Signs That You Are in a Toxic Marriage

By Admin User / December 2, 2021

Signs That You Are in a Toxic Marriage Marriage can be magical, an unexplainable union between two people. But, once the lust and excitement wear off, some people find themselves feeling disconnected or even trapped. While a certain degree of difference is to be expected throughout the years of marriage, you can’t lose sight of…

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How to Deal With the Visitation Schedule During Holidays After Divorce

By Admin User / November 29, 2021

A pressing concern for many recently divorced parents is how to handle visitation time during holidays. The obvious solution would be to divide the festivities equally between both parents, but this isn’t always realistic and it’s often tricky to map out a schedule that feels fair to all parties. Not only that, parents often have…

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Child Custody and a Move: How to Do It Right

By Admin User / July 21, 2021

Your custody arrangement may have seemed just right when you signed it, including provisions on the geographic location of your child’s primary residence. At the time, you were sure you’d find your perfect next job close by or be fine without the help of extended family who live far away. Then life happened – your…

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Filing Real Property Records

By Admin User / June 14, 2021

Deciding who gets the house or property in your divorce isn’t the final step to achieving ownership. You’ll either need to make sure your divorce decree includes information specific to transferring title or draw up separate real estate documents that do so. Then the appropriate documents have to be filed with the County Clerk’s office…

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Is Lack of Intimacy Grounds for Divorce?

By Admin User / May 21, 2021

Your marriage started out hot and heavy. You and your spouse couldn’t keep your hands off one another. Then work got busy, life became more stressful, you added children to the mix, and before you know it, you and your spouse grew apart. Even worse, you cannot remember the last time you had sex, let…

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child custody

Can Dating During Divorce Affect Child Custody?

By Admin User / May 14, 2021

Divorce is often challenging and lonely. The temptation to start dating, to have something new and exciting in your life, makes perfect sense. But should you? And if you do, what effect might it have on your children and custody issues? In Texas, until the divorce decree is signed, you are still married. Any type…

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adultery and divorce

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby…

By Admin User / April 14, 2021

When Frank Sinatra sang about love and marriage going together like a horse and carriage, he never mentioned sex. Perhaps the famous crooner knew that all too many times sex and marriage don’t match — that instead adultery, porn addictions, or lack of sex can pepper unions and lead to divorce.  But what do these…

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