What makes us unique?

Unlike many law firms, we have a two part approach to divorce: education and support.

First, we believe that educating you is the key to your success.  From the beginning, we educate you about the law, the process, and your options, providing you a clear roadmap for your journey.  An educated client is an empowered client.  An empowered client makes better decisions that are easier to live with after the divorce.  By taking the steps set out in the roadmap we provide, you will find yourself on a path to a brighter future after divorce.

Second, we offer a support system that helps ease you through the transition.  We work with a team of professionals who share our values, and rely on third party advisors to assist us with aspects of the divorce that we may not be able to provide directly, such as the financial, emotional, and practical impacts on your life.  We have found that Chief Domestic Officers in particular benefit the most from the support system we have developed.  Clients who follow our suggestions and work with our team are better prepared to face the uncertainty that awaits during and after the divorce process.

We invite you to learn more about how we can help you.  Call 214-269-4256 to speak with an intake specialist or click here for more about our intake process.