Divorce is often viewed as a synonym for loneliness, loss, and failure, but this generalization overlooks the fact that it can also lead to empowerment and growth. If you were in an unhappy marriage for years or even decades, and you finally filed for divorce (or are thinking about it), then let 2022 be the year that you leave the past behind, take charge of your life, and advance towards both renewal and fulfillment.

1. Resume Activities You Gave up After Marriage

When you married, chances are that you gave up some things you enjoyed to accommodate your spouse’s interests. For example, you may have been taking evening art classes, but stopped when they wanted you to spend that time with them.

Make a list of activities you want to resume, as well as new ones you would like to explore. Have you always wanted to try rock climbing, but your spouse was afraid of heights? Sign up for classes when they become available. Spending your time like this will bring you a lot of happiness and satisfaction, which can translate into a more fulfilled life.

2. Try New Things Regularly

Do you feel like your life has been stuck in a rut for years? One effective way to shake yourself out of it is to try new things. When you were married, it may have been easier to say “no” to offers because you worried that your spouse wouldn’t be interested. Now there’s nothing to stop you from saying “yes”!

Go whitewater rafting with your friends? Why not? Finish your college degree? Go for it! Use your accrued vacation time to visit a country you’ve always wanted to see — go look at plane ticket prices now. The more you say “yes,” the broader your horizons will be.

3. Adopt a Positive Mindset

Pay attention to the positive things going

on in your life right now. Forget the past, with its conflicts and disappointments. Take a deep breath, look around, and appreciate what you have. Watch your children as they excel in school and move through life with energy and enthusiasm. Think about the coworkers who always make you laugh when the boss is being difficult, or the beautiful garden view that greets you when you open your eyes every morning. When you see the beauty and positivity everywhere around you, your life will be all the richer.

4. Lighten Up and Laugh More

Divorce may leave you with more responsibilities, especially if you are a single parent now responsible for paying your own bills and handling all formerly shared tasks yourself. A little stress is normal, especially in the beginning, but when you are able to relax, laugh, and let go, the workload will not seem so daunting. You can do it — you know you can!

When you learn to live in the present moment and do what you love while assuming an attitude of gratitude, humor, and adventure, you will be able to take charge of your life after divorce and make yourself unstoppable. At Alexandra Geczi, PLLC, we believe that personal empowerment is the best way to recover from divorce, and we wish you luck as you start living the life you love!

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