Are you a bulldog?  My response is that we are strong advocates for our clients.

When clients ask for a bulldog divorce lawyer, they should understand what that means.  Aggressive divorce lawyers are often masters at creating more conflict than they resolve.  Litigation is big business, and some attorneys thrive on conflict.  There are lots of billing opportunities an aggressive attorney can create to run up fees unnecessarily.  But an attorney who has been around for a while understands the law and doesn’t react to bully tactics used by these lawyers.  Great divorce lawyers are those that can get things done.  They ignore the emotional red herrings and zero in on what really matters.  They work toward resolution, not making money off of you.  In short, aggressive does not mean “good”.

Moreover, most cases do not require an aggressive approach, even when they are contested or not agreed.  Our strong and balanced approach to resolving the conflict of divorce is favored by most people.  However, once in a while, things do get heated.  Our lawyers are experienced and can handle aggressive litigation tactics or dole out our own when needed.  But for more complex situations, we can also co-counsel and work with other law firms on a case.  We can work with firms who have a reputation for being bulldogs or have the resources for complex litigation.  This latter option is a win-win for our clients because they save money by avoiding the cost of hiring a big dollar firm from the beginning and just use them when, or if, needed.

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