The dissolution of a marriage doesn’t often happen overnight. It usually begins years earlier. Ironically, brides will spend months, even years, planning their dream wedding, yet a couple rarely gives much thought to planning their “dream divorce.” However, planning for your divorce (a.k.a. marriage exit strategy) can save you thousands of dollars, loads of stress, and help you plan for a brighter future. Alexandra Geczi, PLLC can help you take that step no matter where you are in the process.

What Is Divorce Planning?

At Alexandra Geczi, PLLC, we begin the divorce planning process by clarifying your goals, and then we dive into strategy planning to help you achieve those goals. We explain the process to you so that you don’t feel helpless and in the dark, and we’ll collaborate with you to come up with the best divorce options for you. By utilizing our divorce planning services, you can take back some control of your life and alleviate the stress of a difficult situation.

We work with our clients to think through and brainstorm solutions to questions like:

  • How will I pay for things?
  • Who will keep the house?
  • Where will I live while the divorce is pending?
  • Where will I live after the divorce?
  • Where will our children go to school?
  • How much time will I get with my kids?
  • What if I want more than 50/50?
  • How can I minimize the conflict of divorce?
  • How will I tell my children, friends, and family about divorce?
  • How much will my divorce cost?

By working closely with our team from the beginning, you can take action and plan a better divorce. Schedule a call with our experienced divorce planning attorneys by contacting our Dallas office today.

What If I’m Not Ready for Divorce?

Divorce planning doesn’t necessarily lead to divorce, and just because you consult with or hire an attorney doesn’t mean that you have to file for divorce. You can file a divorce when you are ready, and with pre-divorce planning, you are in control.

There are many benefits to pre-divorce planning, including empowering yourself and knowing your rights. When you strategize with us, we can explore all paths and solutions, whether that may mean reconciliation and marriage counseling or planning the steps you can take today to protect your tomorrow. Take the first step to planning your “dream divorce” and a brighter future and contact our family law firm to set up a strategy session.

Create Your Plan With Alexandra Geczi, PLLC

Protect your future and your freedom with divorce planning support from our team! Alexandra Geczi, PLLC was created to support women in making their own choices to define their own lives, from the first step of considering your options to the process of rebuilding your life after a divorce. If you have any questions about the possibility of divorce and how you can make your goals for the future a reality, please contact our Dallas office. We’ll set up a strategy session to help get you started!