Since we’ve announced our new niche, helping Chief Domestic Officers negotiate their divorce exit strategy, we’ve had people ask,”Do you still practice family law?”  The answer is, “YES!

With Chief Domestic Officer Divorce, we are introducing a niche within our family law practice that is focused on CDO’s struggling with divorce.  But we still accept other family law cases that make a good fit with our firm.

The niche arose from the realization that Chief Domestic Officers often get short-changed in a divorce and that attorneys are often reluctant to take on these types of clients because: a) CDO’s are not the primary income earners, b) CDO’s are perceived as not being as financially savvy as their spouses, and c) CDO’s may have needs that many attorneys refuse or are not equipped to deal with.

But we are not afraid of a challenge.  Our firm’s experience, track record of success, and our willingness to educate and empower CDO’s allows us to see challenges as opportunities to help our clients.

To clarify, we are still here as the law firm Alexandra Geczi PLLC | Family Law, and we still accept all kinds of family law matters.  But we are dedicating a part of our firm’s resources to supporting Chief Domestic Officers.  To further that goal, we are also creating a new entity, Chief Domestic Officer Solutions, which will cater to the needs of CDO’s and stay-at-home spouses in ways that the firm might not be able to.

Rest assured, every client is valuable to us, and we will continue to deliver the same high quality representation that we’re known for to all our clients.

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to contact us directly.