Why should I use your service when I can get the forms online for free?

Adult adoptions are uncommon, and many lawyers do not know that they exist, let alone how to handle one.  Because they are uncommon, court clerks and even judges sometimes don’t know what to do.  So why would you do an adult adoption by yourself without any help?

We have not only the experience but also the customer service that no one else offers for adult adoptions.  We understand that you want a quick, simple, and affordable option, but that you also want it done right.  Our service offers the best of both worlds – affordability and the convenience of do-it-yourself combined with the guidance and expertise of a law firm.

To be clear, you don’t hire us as your law firm and we don’t give you legal advice.  Rather, you buy a do-it-yourself package from us that we have developed from our experience with adult adoptions so that you benefit from our experience without the high price tag.  That means that we save you all the time, embarrassment, and expensive mistakes that we made when we first started doing these by providing you with clear, tested instructions, forms, and resources.

In addition, we offer perks that other do-it-yourself sites don’t.  We have a human being communicating with you and answering your questions.  You have the forms and resources developed by an attorney with adoption experience and licensed in the State of Texas.  You also get bonuses and extras like a name change notification packet and birth certificate amendment packet that no one else has because we know from experience that this is what helps clients after the adoption is complete.

Here is what one of our past customers said –

“This is the lawyer you need.  She did the paperwork for us on an adult adoption for [a fraction of the cost] when the lawyers in Waco wanted $2,000.00 for the same task!  Further, all her work was letter perfect and accepted without correction or objection by the courts.  Honest, helpful, fair.  Great attorney.”  – M.R.

Our adult adoption package is like no other, and it really is the best value out there.  Contact us today to get started!