Signs That You Are in a Toxic Marriage

Marriage can be magical, an unexplainable union between two people. But, once the lust and excitement wear off, some people find themselves feeling disconnected or even trapped. While a certain degree of difference is to be expected throughout the years of marriage, you can’t lose sight of yourself or get lost in memories of the good years.

Knowing how to pinpoint the tell-tale signs of a toxic marriage can be critical. Especially for women, it is far too easy to get sucked into a situation where we don’t realize our needs aren’t being met – that we are giving far more than we get. Flexibility and endurance are necessary for any long-term relationship, but if you notice any of these patterns, it might be time to take a closer look.

Compromise is Fleeting

A marriage is a partnership, a collaboration between two people that truly love each other and want to spend their lives together. As such, an element of compromise is crucial in enabling each person to be happy and thriving. You are a team, but you are also your own person, so an equal amount of adjustment is necessary. But, if you realize that it is always you who succumbs to your partner’s will, it’s time to re-assess.

Isolation From Others

There are ample reasons why you might begin to spend less time with your family and friends, and that alone is not a sign of a toxic relationship. But, if your partner makes you feel guilty when you spend time away or gets possessive and jealous when you see people who are important to you, then they have crossed the line into the territory of control. When this happens, the relationship ceases to be about love and instead becomes based upon power.

Your Boundaries Are Ignored

Yes, the lines are blurred between where you end and your partner begins. But, ‘what’s mine is yours’ does not relate to everything. Your thoughts remain your own, and your boundaries remain yours to enforce. If you expressed a strong aversion to something your partner has done to you and they ignore the boundary set, you need to consider the weight of what that means. Have they lost respect for you? Do they believe they deserve access to you at all times?

Constant Arguments, Limited Solutions

An argument-free marriage is impossible, as arguments are necessary for growth and development. Alarm bells should start ringing when you notice that there is never a solution to these problems. If your partner is hyper-critical of everything you do, it can begin to feel as though you are walking on eggshells, unable to express yourself or relax. While this isn’t acceptable, it can be rectified through constructive discussions and couples therapy.

How to Leave a Toxic Marriage

Remember, you are your own person, and you deserve happiness. Choosing a family divorce lawyer can be the best way to seamlessly separate from a toxic person who’s no longer treating you well. Our team is here with compassion and resources to guide you in your journey. Visit our Free Resources page to download our free Divorce Explained E-Book or call us at 972-838-1181 to chat about the process.