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How to Plan for Divorce as a Woman

By Admin User / October 19, 2021

Divorce is an arduous process regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in, but we can reduce life’s stress and unpredictability during and after divorce with sufficient planning and preparation. Life can become even more complicated for women, particularly mothers during and after a divorce. So, to make the process a little easier, we compiled…

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Helping Your Friends Through the Divorce Process

By Admin User / July 15, 2018

A professional colleague of ours recently contacted us looking for legal advice for a friend who was going through a divorce. We get calls like this every month. Below is a summary of our conversation. “My friend reached out to me last night about a divorce. I don’t know the first thing about divorce, but…

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What to Expect During Your Dallas Divorce Process

By Admin User / June 15, 2018

A lot of the pain and heartache of the divorce process can be minimized with the right mindset. If you stay stuck in and dwell on the past, then you cannot appreciate the opportunity you have right now or plan for a brighter future. One of the best ways to get into a positive mindset…

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Spousal Maintenance and Alimony in Texas Divorce

By Admin User / May 30, 2018

When a client is thinking about filing for divorce, one of the first things we get asked about is how we can help them get the financial support they need — alimony and spousal maintenance — once the divorce is final. There are many misconceptions about financial support options, and it helps to clarify and…

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How Stay-At-Home Moms Can Protect Themselves During a Divorce

By Admin User / May 15, 2018

You gave up your career momentum and earning potential in exchange for being the primary caregiver to your children, supporting your husband, and supporting his career. Now you’re facing divorce and wondering what you need to do to protect yourself financially. The best way to defeat doubt and build confidence is to educate yourself and…

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Alexandra Offers Divorce Tips for Women Coping With Divorce

By Admin User / April 10, 2018

Curious about divorce? Alexandra Geczi was featured on CoachingforDivorcedWomen.com, and she offered some insights about divorce and the divorce process to women who are thinking about it. Divorce coach Cindy Holbrook interviewed Alexandra, and you can read the details of the interview. Cindy Holbrook also has a great library of videos offering tips and insights…

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Can You Afford to Hire a Divorce Lawyer? You Can’t Afford Not To.

By Admin User / April 10, 2018

With proper pre-divorce planning and some creative thinking, you’d be surprised at what you can afford. A Client Story Maggie* needed an experienced divorce lawyer in Dallas and she came to our office for an initial consultation. Her husband kept the purse strings tight, but she was able to discreetly scrape together the money for…

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4 Ways You Can Support a Friend Going Through a Divorce

By Admin User / October 10, 2017

When a close friend is going through a divorce, it can be difficult to know what to say and do to support them. Even if the end of the marriage is clearly the best outcome for an unhappy relationship, emotions are probably running high, and it can be difficult to find the right words or…

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How to Help Your Kids Transition into Two Homes After Your Divorce

By Admin User / September 20, 2017

When parents divorce, the household is divided. Your kids now have two homes: yours and that of your former spouse. While this change can be upsetting, as children don’t generally welcome disruptions to their routines, there are ways that you can put the experience in a positive and even exciting light before, during, and after…

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