1. Barriers to Divorce #3: How to Survive the Holidays During Divorce

    Life isn’t like a Hallmark Christmas movie, particularly if you find yourself in the middle of a divorce during the holiday season. This year will be different. But with careful thought and preparation, as well as patience, you can make it through the holidays and might even enjoy yourself along t…Read More

  2. Barriers to Divorce #2: Concerns over Kids

    Divorce is challenging enough when only dealing with your spouse and financial affairs, but throw kids into the equation and even the most amicable divisions can get touchy and more difficult. Concerns range from whether a husband can get full or even half custody to how a stay-at-home mom financial…Read More

  3. Barriers to Divorce #1: Common Fears

    Facing Divorce Fears and Moving On Divorce can be scary, whether you initiate it or are on the other side. Ending a relationship, no matter how bad, brings up anxiety and fears related to a host of issues from what life will look like afterward to not wanting to be the topic of carpool line gossip. …Read More

  4. The COVID Wellness Formula

    Coronavirus is uncharted territory for most of us. Just a few months ago, it was business as usual, and now businesses are closing, schools are wondering how to safely reopen, and entire countries are struggling. As individuals, we are isolating ourselves and sheltering in place for long periods of …Read More

  5. Debt Consolidation to Debt Snowball: How Crisis Can Reduce Debt

    If you want to improve your life, having good credit is fundamental. Having good credit will get you approved for better places to live, better interest rates on loans and credit when you need it. Good credit will help you achieve your financial goals. However, when you are drowning in debt, having …Read More

  6. What Jobs Are Hiring Women and Stay-At-Home Moms?

    What jobs are hiring women and stay at home moms? Initially, COVID-19 was a shock to our systems, and our focus was on the negative impact it had on certain industries and their workforces. But now that we have had some time to adapt and pivot, it’s becoming clear that there are industries out the…Read More

  7. Secrets of the Wealthy: 4 Rules of Success

    Times of crisis (like Coronavirus) lead to stress, as does enduring a toxic situation for a long time (like marriage to a narcissistic spouse). Stress blocks a thriving mindset, and scientific studies have shown that stress decreases our ability to process information. So basically, stress makes us …Read More

  8. Domestic Violence Resources

    The orders to shelter-at-home have brought much uncertainty, and for some, it means being stuck at home with an abuser. If you are in an unsafe situation, please familiarize yourself with local shelters, fill out a Domestic Violence Safety Plan (keep it one in a secure location and one with a truste…Read More